About the Organizers


KHADE Organizers – Monica Kay and Billy Myles of Kizomba Harmony

Kizomba Harmony, based in Houston, TX, is a dance company directed by Monica Kay and Billy Myles.  We are among the most highly trained, versatile, and technical instructors in the world, having trained (and continuing to train) extensively in Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, “New Style”/”French Style” Kizomba (often labeled these days as “2.0”, “Urban Kiz”, etc.), and Soukous, among other rhythms.  They are proud to be the most established Kizomba/Semba dance school in Texas, having not only the longest running consistent weekly Kizomba classes in Texas, but also a healthy travel schedule teaching workshops and performing at festivals, weekenders, and other events across the US and internationally in nine countries so far and counting!

Monica and Billy recently traveled to Lisbon to represent the USA in Africadancar, the most prestigious international Kizomba competition in the world, and placed among the top ten couples in the world as Africadancar 2016 Finalists! In addition, we are the creators of the first downloadable mobile Kizomba instructional app in the world, Kizomba To Go™, which is available on iOS/Android platforms and has been downloaded in 60 countries and counting (click here to download our app)!  For the almost four years of its existence, Kizomba Harmony and its members have striven to build a high quality diverse yet unified Kizomba scene in Houston and beyond, a scene where the history, culture, roots and foundation of Kizomba/Semba are respected, but where people also appreciate “new styles” based on that strong foundation.  We truly enjoy sharing our passion for Kizomba, whether by teaching, performing, or simply letting loose on the dance floor!  For a more in-depth discussion of our dance philosophy and vision for the Kizomba community, check out the Kizomba Harmony Manifesto here!

 Download Kizomba To Go™ today at www.kizombatogo.com and get a head start to prepare for the amazing workshops at KHADE!