Master Your Dance Teacher Training

Kizomba Harmony African Dance Experience

Master Your Dance Teacher Training Updated
We are pleased to be hosting the first-of-its-kind Master Your Dance Teacher Training Course December 5-8, 2017, featuring Mestre Petchu (Angola/Portugal), Tania Mendonca (Angola/UK), Tó Costa (Angola/UK), and Kizomba Harmony (USA), with a special New Style Musicality Course with Ennuel Iverson (France)! Take advantage of the decades of combined Kizomba experience of our world-class teaching faculty! Level up with us and dig deep into foundation, technique, history, culture, and musicality, and then stay for THE all-inclusive African dance experience #KHADE2017 from December 7-11, all at our gorgeous beachside resort in Cancun! For more information, check out the Facebook event page here: